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Uniquely Patagonian

Introducing a bold new spirit crafted to honor Patagonia. Made from authentic and native ingredients, it’s like nothing you’ve ever had before.


Welcome to the end of the earth

Patagonia is the southernmost region of South America that spans Chile and Argentina. A surreal landscape once thought to be ruled by giants, this land boasts mountains, volcanoes, ice fields, & glaciers.

Inviting. Unforgiving. Beautiful. Rugged.

In Depth

The Philosophy

In our humble opinion, the only way a spirit can be truly authentic to a region is if it’s ingredients are derived from what naturally thrives in its local environment. All of our ingredients are sourced from Patagonia, within 100 square kilometers of our water source. We use local apple and pear varietals to create our base alcohol and work with local communities to hand-pick seven native herbs and four native berries. These elements are integral in making TRÄ•KÁL an authentic spirit.


First Warrior Into Battle

The name TRÄ•KÁL is derived using from two words from the local Huilliche language.:

TRÄ = valor, courage + KÁL = act, action

When combined, the word means 'the first warrior into battle’. Being a new category of spirit from the Chilean Patagonia, the name is a perfect reflection of the brand.

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Capture The Essence of Patagonia

Local apples, crab-apples, and pears create the base alcohol. During the second distillation, native berries: maqui, murta, and sauco are added. To overcome the hurdle of seasonally-grown herbs, the master distiller’s mother suggested making essential oils from each wild herb varietal in order to capture their essence year-round. A proprietary blend of these essential oils: tepa, laurel, mint, paramela, and canelo are vapour-infused on the third distillation — giving the spirit a truly unique flavour and viscosity.


Pure Patagonia

42% ABV / 84 PROOF

A distinct flavor and viscosity, this versatile spirit can stand alone, or in a crowd.


A walk through a Patagonian forest invites you to inhale and experience the wildness of herbs, flowers, fruits, and trees.


Assertive — a grand experience embodying the scope of Patagonia, with a truly unique and everlasting flavor.


Despite its boldness, a remarkably smooth finish creates a desire to extend the experience.


Sweet and herbaceous, TRÄ•KÁL is extremely versatile and is great on its own, as a substitute in classic cocktails, or as the base in an original creation. Try one of the recipes found in the handy guide below, or use it as inspiration to create your own Patagonian experience.